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3 Best Augments from TFT Set 7: Dragonlands

Dragonlands included three interesting new features in the Set 7. Here’s what we think are the three best ones.



Set 7 of TFT introduced many exciting new augmentations to the game. A look at the top three Set 7 augments. This ranking prioritizes the positive impact augments had on gameplay over their overall meta performance.

We’re expanding the roster with a number of new champions in the middle act, but not one of them wields a blade. Swords are absent but a wide variety of other weapons are present. — Mort the Rioter (@Mortdog) On this date in 2022:

Top Three TFT Set 7: Dragonlands Enhancements

Fire-Starting Kit with a Wheeled Forge

Portable Forge, the new iteration of Ornn’s Artifacts, provides players with a wide variety of items that can drastically alter how they play their team. The items in Portable Forge range from defenses, like Randuin’s Sanctum, to offenses, like the Obsidian Cleaver, to utilities, like the Gold Collector. For good reason, it has the highest pick rate of any augment year after year: it’s always useful and a lot of fun to use.

The Ability to Quickly Assume Alternative Courses of Action

This enhancement is totally awesome. It’s also dead simple: for a limited time, players can reroll for free as often as they like. The result is a frenzy as you rush to hit every unit in your shop and get the items you need to level up your squad. Players have been shown to get incredible value out of this prismatic augment, with some clips showing them doing absolutely insane things in a short amount of time due to their lack of gold and speed being the only limiting factors.


Adding a fun new feature to the game is unusual for silver augments, but AFK makes hitting them a lot more fun. There’s a lot more up in the air than usual when you’re locked out of your board for 20 seconds, and when you regain control, you’re responsible for putting everything back together, especially in light of the changes introduced in Patch 12.14. It spices up the early game by taking the control away from the player and leaving it up to chance rather than allowing them to play either a winning or losing streak.