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A Warzone Content Creator explains the best meta weapons for Season 5 on Black Lion Trading Company

A content creator found out the best weapons coming in Season 5. People can try their skills to fit into the meta game with these capabilities.



WhosImmortal, a loadout expert and Warzone content creator, has chosen the STG-44 as Season 5’s best meta weapon. The STG-44 has been a popular choice for Warzone players for the past two seasons. Despite all of the downgrades, it never really went away from public view.

WhosImmortal is a fan of the STG-44 and has said, “The STG did see some slight nerfs, it got a control nerf, but it also got an ADS buff for what it’s worth. It’s still ridiculously simple to operate.” Finally, he added, “It can still absolutely beam players at long-range, medium-range, doesn’t matter.”

Warzone Creator Reveals Season 5’s “Best” Meta Weapon

The STG load out is as follows: Users of WhosImmortal:

Mx Silencer Muzzle

760mm 05B Mx Silencer Barrel Carver Foregrip Slung Below the Barrel

5.56 NATO, G16 2.5x, Carver Foregrip, 7.62x39mm, 50rd. Gorenko, magazine

762 Gorenko 50 Rifle Magazine Expanded ammunition

Lengthened Pine Tar Rear Grip

Weighted 3DD 34S Pine Tar Grip Stock Advantage: Steel Nerves

Boost for Steely Nerves Number Two: Completely Stocked

Insane experimentation potential is afforded by the STG-44’s plethora of attachments. The Vanguard weapon is a must-use when dropping into Caldera or Fortune’s Keep due to its high TTK at any range and manageable recoil.