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Acura is bringing back the ZDX, a car designed explicitly for EVs

Acura ZDX returning as brand’s first EV



This is really out of the blue. What’s surprising isn’t that Acura will release an EV in the next few years; it’s the name: ZDX. In 2024, the first electric SUV from the Japanese luxury brand will be branded with the moniker. The 2013 Acura ZDX fastback SUV was the last model to feature this design.

It’ll be built on the same GM Ultium platforms as the Honda Prologue, another all-electric vehicle. If this vehicle is related to the Prologue, then it probably has a lot in common with the new Chevy Blazer EV. Considering Acura’s announcement of a high-performance ZDX Type-S, this could serve as a solid foundation. The Blazer EV SS’s dual-motor setup, which produces 557 hp and 648 lb-ft of torque, would be a welcome addition.

No teaser photos of the new ZDX have been released, but Acura has confirmed that it will look similar to the Precision EV Concept unveiled earlier today. It is being developed in the same California facility that created the first ZDX. If the new ZDX ends up looking anything like the Precision, it won’t have the distinctive coupe shape of the original.

The EV, along with the Prologue and Blazer EV, will debut in 2024. To be followed in 2026 by Honda-made EVs. The base price for the Blazer is expected to be around $45,000, with the highest trim level costing around $66,000. Bets are on the Acuras being toward the upper end of that spectrum, with the Type S possibly even outstripping the Blazer SS trims.

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