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Acura, the company that makes luxury cars, will eventually bring back the ZDX name for its first electric vehicle

General Motors will launch a new battery-powered car in 2024. It will feature a platform, and the electric battery is provided by Ultium.



Acura’s first electric vehicle will be called the ZDX.

It was developed in collaboration with GM and is powered by Ultium batteries.

Design cues from Acura’s Precision EV concept can be seen in the ZDX.

Acura has recently been on a revivalist tear, bringing back the beloved Integra name for its compact sedan after a 20-year hiatus. Acura is back in the game with the revival of an improbable nameplate: the ZDX. The first generation ZDX, which was produced between 2010 and 2013, was an endearing but impractical oddity that had a hard time finding an audience. Despite being built on an SUV underpinning, the car’s swooping fastback silhouette severely limited its cargo capacity.

Acura, aware of its heritage, emphasized that the new ZDX would offer versatility and utility similar to that of the RDX and MDX SUVs it currently offers. There are currently no images of the ZDX, but it will take design cues from the Precision EV concept, a car about the size of an MDX with a tall and roomy greenhouse.

The ZDX is built on a chassis designed in collaboration with GM and is propelled by Ultium batteries made by the same company. There are a variety of motor and battery setups that can be used with this electric vehicle’s modular platform, allowing for a maximum range of 450 miles. Although Acura hasn’t confirmed it, we expect the launch edition Type S variant to come standard with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system and a larger battery than the FWD base models. It’s highly unlikely that Acura will offer a RWD version.

The ZDX, according to Acura, will hit the market in Gregorian year 2024.