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After a great deal of conflict between T1 and Oner, T1 CEO apologized for sharing inappropriate statements about Oner

T1 has been in the news lately with a bit of controversy, this time over leaked company photos and inappropriate comments made by the CEO on their Discord server. The post about T1 CEO’s poor behavio



To demonstrate his regret for making disrespectful remarks against Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun, T1 CEO Joe Marsh has reduced his compensation.

Earlier this week, Marsh apologized to League of Legends players and disclosed that he would also be taking a six-month pay cut. According to a translation of his lengthy TwitLonger, Marsh has pleaded with the public for pardon for his “wrongdoings.”

Marsh and a few T1 staff members shared private information on the company’s Discord service, including images that were previously only known internally. Marsh referred to the conduct as “inexcusable” and a “mistake in my judgment.”

What was said about Oner by T1 CEO Joe Marsh?

Marsh expressed regret for mentioning the idea of dousing Oner in oil for a photo shoot to serve as a “thirst trap.” He agreed to a six-month pay cut after the response to his Discord comments.

Many supporters thought the remarks were offensive and made fun of Oner for working out. Marsh acknowledged that he had spoken to Oner directly to apologize and that he is sorry for disturbing him during the current LCK season.

I think of the players as a second family, and I only have the best wishes for them now and in the future. And I’ll make sure something similar doesn’t occur again,” Marsh promised.

Another dispute involving T1 has arisen, this time over racism on their Discord.

Marsh’s apology covered more than just that subject. He said that racist comments were made on the Discord against T1’s Korean fans, but no staff member at the time took any action to address the situation. Marsh acknowledged his ignorance of the situation but claimed he ought to have been more alert.

Marsh added that T1 “does not allow any type of racism and will fight against it collectively, especially any bigotry towards T1 fans.”

For many T1 enthusiasts, it could have been a little late. The incident came after years of criticism of T1 brass for contentious roster selections made by the organization’s League of Legends teams as well as other actions. The response to the apology was unfavorable.

One supporter claimed Marsh is unqualified for the position and should resign. Another person claimed that Marsh had gone too far and couldn’t go back. A supporter from Korea said that Marsh should force the other workers to publicly apologize.

However, not everyone was against Marsh. Some believed that “over a picture” fans were going a little too far. Despite the legendary team’s impressive results, there is controversy. T1 has a 15-3 record and is presently ranked second in the LCK, just behind 17-1 Gen.G. T1 placed second in MSI 2022.

T1’s CEO issues an apology for his offensive remarks against Oner, which initially surfaced on