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Ancient Dragon Ball Power Unleashed quests and rewards in Fortnite

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Players will notice a new set of themed challenges to complete across the map as a result of Fortnite’s crossover with Dragon Ball, much like other significant events in the game’s history. With each job finished in this questline, called Power Unleashed, a prize is given. As a result, you will receive special Dragon Ball cosmetics, experience points, and—most significantly—a higher Power Level. The Dragon Ball Power Unleashed questline’s challenges and the Fortnite items they lead to are listed below.

Each and every Dragon Ball Power Unleashed test

All objectives and challenges in Power Unleashed will initially award you with Dragon Balls or a rise in your Power Level in keeping with the game’s Dragon Ball theme. The Shenron Glider may be obtained if you acquire seven of these Dragon Balls, and as you reach key Power Level milestones, you may also receive various cosmetic items and Level Up Tokens. Two waves of challenges are currently available, and additional waves will be released over the next few days. Below is a list of every challenge available right now in Power Unleashed.

Warm-up tasks

quests for sparring practice

quests for strength training

Complete the missions for strength training (0/3) One Dragon Ball as a prize

Push Timber Pine logs or Large Boulders (0/500) 3M Power Level as payment

10 items can be destroyed by a single Kamehameha strike (0/1) 5M Power Level as a reward

Destroy a little automobile with the Kamehameha (0/1) 3M Power Level Damage against opponents in a single match as a reward (0/300) 2M Power Level as a reward

quests for agility training

Complete the Agility Training missions (0/3) One Dragon Ball as a prize

Complete the obstacle course with mushrooms (0/1) to earn a 4M Power Level.

Finish the time trial in the desert (0/1) Reward: 4M Power Level Deal damage while sliding to opponents (0/200) Deal damage to opponents within five seconds of running to get 2M Power Level (0/200) 2M Power Level Endurance Training quests as a reward

Complete the Endurance Training missions (0/3) One Dragon Ball Survive Storms Phases (0/10) is the reward. 2M Power Level as a reward

Gain 150 shields throughout several games (0/3) 2M Power Level as a reward

Land at Shifty Shafts, then ascend to the top of Logjam Lotus (0/1) Dragon Ball Adventure Island’s 3M Power Level Collect Capsules (0/100) as a reward Collect a Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball Adventure Island for a 3M Power Level reward (0/1). 4M Power Level as a reward

All prizes for Dragon Ball Power Unleashed

Every 10M you raise your level, you can anticipate to receive more goodies as you gradually increase your Power Level through challenges. You must take action to get these limited-time bonuses because the challenges and their rewards are scheduled to end on August 30. Each Power Level achievement and its associated reward are listed below.

Smiling Goku Emoticon for 10M Power Level

Level Up Token 20M Power Level Reward Fusion 30M Power Level Reward! Spray

Rewards for 40M Power Level: Dragon Radar Back Bling

Level Up Token 50M Power Level Reward

60M Bulma’s Wink Emoticon as a Power Level Reward

Level Up Token 70M Power Level Reward 80M Power Level Reward Boosting Ki Emote 90M Power Level Reward 100M Super Saiyan Blue Power Level Reward Gundam Spray

110M 120M Level Up Token Power Level Reward Power Level Reward Charging Up Emote

Naturally, they aren’t the only cosmetics that were unveiled during the occasion. The crossover also heralds the debut of Dragon Ball skins for figures like Vegeta and Goku. Both of the two iconic anime characters have three Super Saiyan transformations as well as their own unique set of gear.