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Best base MUT linebackers in Madden 23

Stop the offense on third downs with these backs.



have an exceptionally high probability of making these kinds of plays. Take a look at Madden 23’s top base MUT linebackers.

Which Madden 23 linebackers belong to the MUT Core Core Elite tier?

In terms of value, T.J. Watt is the best base linebacker you can acquire. Among the league’s top 10 linebackers, the Steeler has the highest Pursuit rating and the second-highest Block Shedding rating. Unfortunately, we also have to suggest Joey Bosa, the human bowling ball. Bosa is a fantastic block shedder who will always be a problem for offensive linemen despite his inability to cover the zone. Here are the top 10 best Core Elite linebackers, ranked from best to worst.

Micah Parsons of the Cowboys is a player worth remembering despite the fact that he was left off the list. With an astoundingly high Zone Coverage rating of 82 and a Pursuit rating of 85, he is among the best all-around linebackers in MUT. There are better options in Ultimate Team’s base defense than Parsons, but he won’t be terrible there.