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Black and Farmers of Color May Finally Get a Lifeline Under the Inflation Reduction Act

In a strategic move, a group of Democratic senators have rolled back programs passed in the American Rescue Plan in order to repurpose the funds into the Inflation Reduction Act. The hope is that the funds will get to Black and farmers of color more quickly. The bill will provide $2.2 trillion for a program to assist farmers who experienced discrimination in Department of Agriculture (USDA) farm lending programs before January 2021. $3.1 billion…



Tom Vilsack, and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) have campaigned to change this by finding ways to include the funding in this new measure.

From The Hill: “We will retain family farmers in every state on their farms by granting USDA the authority to adjust loans for troubled borrowers. This law initiates a procedure to redress those wrongs for those farmers who have experienced USDA discrimination, especially Black farmers, he said. According to a statement released by Warnock on Wednesday, “this relief will be a lifeline for our farmers who are most at-risk of foreclosure or losing their land, as well as a boost to farmers who have been left behind for decades.” He referred to the assistance as important “for farmers in Georgia and across the nation who are facing economic hardship. ”

Some supporters say they are shocked by the decision and worry about using these monies. Only 2% of American farms are owned by Black people, despite the fact that 25% of poor farmers identify as Black. If the new scheme would prevent discriminatory practices from occurring is a major issue for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives’ director of land retention and advocacy.

“Unfortunately, neither the concept of discrimination nor any protected classes exist, so what exactly is discrimination? She questioned, “Who will these adjudicators be and how will they define discrimination in the absence of any mention of our civil rights or protected classes.