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Bob Odenkirk has said goodbye to Better Call Saul so far without a tear

After talking about his 13-year of delivering hilarious scenes as Saul Goodman on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 59-year-old actor got emotional.



While discussing leaving his role as Saul Goodman after 13 years on the ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday’s episode, Bob Odenkirk became emotional.

The 59-year-old Emmy nominee said of the spin-off series, which aired its final episode on Monday on AMC, “Better Call Saul was a family affair and the weird thing is I do include the fans in that.”

The cast was very close and we all lived together in Albuquerque, as Bob mentioned.

But I always had the impression that the fans, your family, and all the many people gave us a chance to create our own little world there with Saul, and that was really a lot. Because we left Breaking Bad, which was a fan favorite for many, he explained.

And so I assumed they would despise us regardless of our efforts. Not the case, as it turned out. Even though I looked too old, people gave us a chance and wanted us to succeed, Bob said, adding that he was grateful to have an audience.

Awed by the finale’s beauty was 71-year-old guest host Al Franken. Al claims to have met Bob when he was a junior writer on SNL and was invited to Bob’s house to watch the show’s finale. Al aired a video of the cast hanging out at Bob’s house to watch the last episode.

Bob claimed that he had prepared questions for him to ask because the media kept asking the same ones.

Before Saul, you wasted ten years on Hollywood flops. Do you plan to go back to that line of work now that the spotlight has been removed from you? When asked, Al expressed curiosity.

According to Bob, “I’m going to try to limit it to a few months.” “But yeah, I’m going to have a few failures along the way, and you can cheer me on.”

“Do you think you have a future or just a past in show business?” Inquiring minds wanted to know, so Al asked.

The future is something I want, Bob said. “I’ll keep making things if you give me a chance.”

Rhea Seehorn, 50, a co-star on Better Call Saul, unexpectedly showed up. Bob mentioned that he and his wife felt emotional while watching the final episode.

Bob remarked, “It was really beautiful” when Rhea recently displayed an emotional breakdown. We spent a long time with these people, and that means we have strong emotions about them. ‘You inhabit the body of that other person.

Bob and Rhea discussed how much fun they had filming with 89-year-old Hollywood icon Carol Burnett.

“She’s brilliant this season,” Bob gushed. ‘Dramatic. Totally plausible and genuine in every way. A truly remarkable individual to spend time with and observe in action.

Rhea explained that Carol’s involvement in the show began when she visited the office of the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan (then 55 years old) to express her admiration.

That’s crazy, Rhea said; “meeting a legend and having them say, “I like your work.”

Both Bob and Rhea are up for acting honors at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards.