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Brandon Aiyuk: Joint practices with the Vikings were boring and a waste of time to me

Niners receiver Brandon Aiyuk criticized his team’s decision to practice against the Minnesota Vikings.



Prior to the preseason game on Saturday, the 49ers dispersed their team and traveled to Minnesota for two joint practices with the Vikings. According to receiver Brandon Aiyuk, the Niners should have stayed at home.

According to Aiyuk, who was quoted on Thursday by Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, “I didn’t like it. It was excellent work, but it was good work going against somebody different, different setting.” Personally, I think it was a waste of time. It was undoubtedly dull.

Aiyuk bemoaned in particular the paucity of touches and the simplistic structure of the 49ers’ attack versus the Vikings.

Aiyuk remarked, “I feel like it was a little dull because it was a little Day One stuff. “The fundamentals. Since I hadn’t touched the ball in two days, I was starting to get a little upset, but that is unrelated.

Because they break up the monotony of preparing against the same opponents every time, joint sessions are preferred by certain teams. However, there is a natural apprehension about playing too much while facing off against another team in August.

In the end, it’s a chance to observe how the players at the bottom of the roster perform in a more competitive setting. Aiyuk will join the squad. Many other guys are still up in the air. Since they are the ones attempting to transition August into September, those who had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills against an opponent wearing a different uniform undoubtedly gained more from the sessions.

Bryant Aiyuk The article first appeared on Pro Football Talk and was titled “Joint practices with Vikings were “boring” and “a waste of time.”