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Campaign finance allegation divides Missouri 50th House District candidates

Doug Mann filed a campaign ethics controversy. James Musgraves said the complaint is a misunderstanding.



Democratic candidate Doug Mann of Missouri’s 50th House District has filed an ethics complaint against Republican contender James Musgraves.

Musgraves was accused of not filing a campaign finance report until eight days before the primary election, according to the complaint filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Mann campaign manager Cole Bower said in a press release that voters in Missouri’s 50th District “deserve to know how James Musgraves is funding his campaign and how his campaign committee is using its monies.”

Bower questioned in the statement how Musgraves could be expected to follow rules after being elected if he doesn’t follow them during the campaign.

Musgraves said on Tuesday through phone call that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

“I did not accomplish anything that warranted an eight-day report,” Musgraves claimed.

He claimed in a statement he submitted with the Missouri Ethics Commission that he had no campaign financing activities during that time. He said that his rival would not have been aware of this because it does not appear online.

Musgraves dismissed it as “no big deal.”

He claimed that after the complaint was submitted, he checked with the ethics commission to make sure he was doing lawfully.

Musgraves emphasized that he would not “want to guess” on the motivations of his opponent in filing the case.

The primary ballots for Musgraves and Mann yielded no challengers.

Due to redistricting, the 50th District now includes all of southern Columbia and a small portion of the state’s eastern half.

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This piece was first published in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Candidates for Missouri’s 50th Congressional District are divided by an alleged misuse of campaign funds.