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Chipotle Agrees To Pay NYC Workers $20 Million Settlement Over Workplace Violations

Chipotle has agreed to pay $20 million to 13,000 workers as they were found violating laws involving employee sick time and scheduling, CNBC reports. Mayor Eric Adams announced the settlement is the largest in New York City history. Chipotle will also pay $1 million in civil penalties to the city.



According to CNBC, Chipotle has agreed to pay $20 million to 13,000 employees after it was discovered that they had broken laws governing employee sick leave and scheduling. The settlement, according to Mayor Eric Adams, is the largest in the history of New York City. Additionally, Chipotle will provide the city $1 million in civil fines.

Any employee who had an hourly position in New York City between November 26, 2017, and April 30, 2022 is subject to this agreement. For a total of $3,900, they will receive $50 for each shift they worked during that time. The offenses were against the paid safe and sick leave and fair workweek laws of New York City.

After receiving complaints from 32 BJ Service Employees International Union members and 60 Chipotle employees, the city launched a thorough investigation. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection discovered that Chipotle frequently failed to provide employees with fourteen-day prior notice of their schedules, prohibited the use of paid sick time and leave, and frequently requested extra labor without giving warning.

As the largest worker protection settlement in New York City history, today’s agreement with Chipotle sends a clear message that we won’t stand by when employees’ rights are infringed, according to Adams. It secures up to $20 million in relief for around 13,000 workers.

According to Chipotle’s chief restaurant officer Scott Boatwright, the firm is pleased that the issue has been resolved and will now more closely adhere to New York labor standards.