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Cuomo sues N.Y. AG Tish James, wants state to cover legal bills in trooper harass suit

A year to the day after announcing his resignation amid sexual harassment allegations, the disgraced Democrat filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Letitia James for failing to provide him with legal representation after one of his accusers took him to court.



ATLANTA — Former governor Andrew Cuomo believes that the people of New York should be responsible for paying his legal expenses.

The disgraced Democrat filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Letitia James on the anniversary of the day he announced his resignation due to sexual harassment claims because she failed to represent him in court when one of his accusers appeared for him.

In the lawsuit, Cuomo’s attorney claims that James’ office improperly turned down the former governor’s request for legal representation after a state trooper who accused him of misbehavior sued him. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (right) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (left). According to Rita Glavin, James’ refusal was “arbitrary, capricious, contrary to the plain meaning of the statute, biased, personally and politically compromised,” and she also breached her duties.

The anonymous trooper filed a civil lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court against the former governor and two of his top staffers in February, alleging that Cuomo acted improperly and made provocative comments after she was appointed to his security detail.

Having accused the former governor of sex harassment, a state trooper has filed a lawsuit.

According to court records, Cuomo asked the state to pay for his own lawyers or to represent him in the lawsuit in March.

However, James’ office concluded that the state was not liable for paying any of the ex-associated politician’s legal fees.

On June 12, 2020, a photo of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was taken in Manhattan, New York. Theresa Parisienne

Following a damaging report from James’ office detailing sexual harassment claims made by the trooper and nearly a dozen other women, largely younger staffers, Cuomo resigned as governor of the Empire State last summer.

Since then, the native of Queens has defended his innocence, made an effort to discredit his accusers, and consistently characterized the James office investigation as having political motivations.

Since the alleged offenses occurred “when he was operating within the framework of his public position and obligations,” according to court filings submitted on Wednesday, Cuomo is entitled to legal representation paid for by the government.

New York Daily News’ petition in Andrew M. Cuomo v. Letitia James is available on Scribd.

The trooper claims in her lawsuit and James’ report that after having her transfer to Cuomo’s security detail expedited, he often made romantic remarks to her and once ran his fingers across her stomach.

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Cuomo is “seeking to force New Yorkers to pay his legal fees because he believes sexual harassment occurred within his’scope of employment’ as governor,” according to a spokeswoman of the attorney general’s office.

Delaney Kemper, a spokesman for James, stated, “Sexually harassing young ladies who work for you is not part of anyone’s job description. “Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the tab for potentially million-dollar legal fees so Mr. Cuomo’s attorney can disparage survivors of his abuse,”

According to the court document, Glavin continued by charging James of rejecting the request for counsel due to “her political ambitions” and “her apparent personal disdain of Governor Cuomo.”

The attorney general is criticized for her “long-standing refusal to provide Governor Cuomo with all evidence underlying the Report for careful scrutiny” and “her refusal to correct, amend or supplement the Report despite being made aware of its material omissions and errors,” among other complaints that have been made over the past year.

In a statement, Glavin attacked James and claimed once more that the investigation that led to Cuomo’s resignation was an injustice.

“Governor Cuomo did not harass anyone sexually. The AG wants to exploit her’report’ on her political hit job to advance her own goals, she claimed. “The petition Governor Cuomo filed yesterday is about upholding the law and making sure there is justice and transparency—something the AG has consistently refused him.”

In July 2022, Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, addresses the media in Manhattan, New York. Lus C. Ribeiro

James’ report came to the conclusion that Cuomo violated state and federal laws and sexually assaulted many women after months of independent investigators’ investigation.

Despite the fact that Cuomo’s accusers were thought to be credible, prosecutors from all around the state decided not to file criminal charges against the 64-year-old, citing a lack of adequate evidence.

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In addition to financial compensation for “serious mental suffering and emotional distress,” the trooper’s lawsuit asks for a declaration that Cuomo and the State Police broke local, state, and federal laws against harassment.

The State Police and Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa are named as defendants in the lawsuit as well, despite the trooper’s admission of just having brief interaction with the governor’s deputy.

After making a statement accusing the trooper’s legal team, Wigdor Law LLP, of “using the press to extort settlements,” senior Cuomo adviser Richard Azzopardi was added to the lawsuit.

James’ office decided in March that DeRosa, the governor’s secretary, was “entitled to be represented by private counsel” despite turning down Cuomo’s request.