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Derby FC appoints a new finance director

Why did Derby’s finance director, Agata Herasimowicz, return to her job after being reinstated following a lengthy stint on administrative leave? Herasimowicz answered that she was making progress ri



Alderwomen reinstated her with only one member voting against the resolution.

Herasimowicz’s resignation was unknown to Derby Chief of Staff Walt Mayhew, who said that the city is attempting to retain her services in order to assist in meeting critical budgetary deadlines.

Herasimowicz’s departure occurs as the state’s Municipal Finance Advisory Commission continues to provide guidance to the city as it struggles with its dire financial situation.

According to Mayhew, “Agata merely gave two weeks notice, which is unusual for such a position.” The standard notice period for such employment is 30 days, therefore we will ask her to give that amount of time. That would enable us to complete year-end processing and file all required reports.

According to Mayhew, Mayor Rich Dziekan, who pushed for Herasimowicz’s dismissal even after reading the MahoneySabol report, anticipated her resignation.

Herasimowicz’s credentials were commended by city officials when she was initially hired in 2021. She was initially chosen by Dziekan in an effort to professionalize the city workforce because the prior directors lacked the necessary training or credentials.

Requests for comment were directed to Mayhew by Dziekan. Currently, according to Mayhew, the city is seeking for temporary employees to cover Herasimowicz’s position.

Herasimowicz declined to comment as well, although before she arrived, she had compared Derby’s financial situation to the Wild West. She said nonetheless that there was no structure in place for running the city’s finances effectively.

“I anticipated it would be challenging. But stuff like that wasn’t what I expected,” Herasimowicz remarked.