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Drive an Escape Campervan to the next epic adventure

Via Instagram, I stalked the best places to go in the Pacific Northwest and decided to visit this trip. I started saying “it’s too expensive”, but then I decided to make it happen instead of waiting



For years, maybe decades, this vacation had been at the top of my wish list. After years of fantasizing about it, following relevant Instagram accounts, and reading relevant articles, I finally stopped making excuses like “it’s too expensive” or “it will never happen” and just made it happen.

Arriving in the Pacific Northwest after years of being drawn there was like a cleansing balm to my spirit.

It’s time to go get our Escape Campervan. Yes, a big part of the plan was to take a campervan through Oregon and wake up to the sights and sounds of nature or the ocean every morning. You can forego the hotel stay. I can’t even describe how amazing it was.

The choice to rent an Escape Campervan could not have been better.

Five Top Reasons Why Your Next Big Adventure Should Be in an Escape Campervan

Surprisingly, the Escape Campervan Doesn’t Break the Bank.

A car rental was immediately apparent to be an extremely costly component of our trip. After factoring in the cost of lodging, I began to have second thoughts about planning a trip to Oregon.

While I’ve always wanted to take a road trip in a Campervan, I assumed that doing so would be out of my price range. Instead of making educated guesses, I used the site and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Several variants of campervans exist. We rented the biggest campervan available, a Big Sur, and started and ended our trip in Portland. A couple of camp chairs and some bedding and a kitchen set (on which more later) were added.

Cost for 9 nights’ lodging and 10 days’ touring was close to $1800.

While it ended up only saving us a couple hundred dollars it was worth it for the experience.

It’s a vacation home and rental car in one

The campervan has a queen-sized bed, a cooktop, and a sink. We rented a kitchen set and a sleeping set from Escape Campervan for an extra fee.

Our road trip was made much easier with the kitchen set, which included pots, pans, plates, cups, and utensils. Since coffee is essential to our daily lives, we decided to invest in a pour over machine.

We didn’t need to bring a cooler or worry about running out of ice because the refrigerator was powered by solar panels on the roof.

A sheet, a thin comforter, and a couple of pillows made up the bedding set. We went on our trip in September, when the nights were pleasantly cool and even chilly in some places. We were not able to make use of the bedding kit and therefore would not recommend it.

Instead, we went to a big-box store to pick up a thick blanket, a 2-inch memory foam topper (because the bed was so much more comfortable with it), and an extra pillow. After making that purchase, we were able to rest easier at night.

Thanks to this new information, we can better prepare for our upcoming trip.

Every Day Is A Picnic

We were able to picnic in some beautiful settings because we brought our kitchen with us. It was easy; we just settled on a spot and got to work preparing food. Sometimes, we simply stopped to make a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

No waiting in line for a table, no crazy expensive food cost, simply find a spot, open the back of the campervan, and cook up your next meal.

If there is inclement weather the queen bed can be converted back to seating and the van table set up to work or dine at.

While we did eat out a few times, we much preferred our time spent eating outdoors to the restaurant experiences of many of our fellow travelers.

Let Your Sleeping Bags Fall Among the Stars

Unfortunately, our trip to the Pacific Northwest coincided with the height of the region’s devastating wildfire season.

But nothing beats spending the night in the campervan, reading a book and falling asleep to the sounds of nature (I’d say around a campfire, but those were banned during our visit except in one location). The peace and quiet of waking up among the trees means the world to us.

Almost all of our camping trips were spent at state and national parks.

This is the best option for campers. There’s a long list of reasons why we don’t like RVs, but the bottom line is that we just don’t find them conducive to “camping” in general. However, the campervan is a fantastic middle ground between a tent and an RV.

The Escape Campervan Is an Awesome Way to Travel.

Our epic road trip across Oregon proved that it is ideal for such journeys. Over the course of ten days and approximately 1,100 miles, we drove from Portland to San Francisco and back again in a Campervan, seeing as much of the state as possible, from the mountains to the coast.

In addition to driving to waterfalls, our adventure included picnicking with breathtaking ocean views and sleeping in the woods under the protection of some of the world’s tallest trees.

In addition, each campervan has its own distinct and entertaining exterior design. Artists from the area paint them. Each van has a unique exterior design. I hope that the vans are selected for their artwork the next time around.

If you’re looking to rent an Escape campervan, where can you do so?

Despite their widespread acclaim on the West Coast of the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, PNW, and Salt Lake City). The East Coast and Canada are both represented.