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Employees in a warehouse near upstate New York want to form a union

A request for an election has been filed at an Amazon warehouse in upstate New York. The request came in response to the success that a similar election won at an Amazon warehouse in New York City



content producers supported by the charity Gen-Z for Change, who say they won’t monetise their platforms for Amazon unless “concrete improvements” are made to better working conditions.

According to a letter the group posted on Twitter, “Amazon’s systemic maltreatment of their workers and flagrant use of union busting tactics will no longer be supported by the TikTok Community or TikTok Creators.”

A request for comment regarding the election file that was made on Tuesday or the campaign did not immediately receive an answer from Amazon.

Workers have been running additional campaigns at corporate warehouses in places like North Carolina and Kentucky in an effort to get enough signatures to file a petition for their own elections. Workers in upstate New York are demanding greater training at the company’s warehouse and higher compensation among other things.

Because they can’t afford gas, some of our employees can’t even get to work, according to Goodall. They are unable to support their family and cannot afford car maintenance.

The petition comes as Amazon and its nationwide warehouse operations are under increased scrutiny. Numerous employees at a firm air hub in San Bernardino, California, left their jobs on Monday to protest low pay and heat safety.

Additionally, federal officials have been increasingly interested. OSHA conducted inspections of Amazon operations in a few states last month as a result of referrals for health and safety issues. Additionally, the civil division of the Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney’s Office is looking into safety risks at Amazon facilities and what a spokeswoman for the office called “fraudulent activity meant to hide accidents from OSHA and others.”