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Entertainment Tonight investigates the reasoning to why Mike Ehrmantraut’s appearance in the season finale of Better Call Saul wasn’t as substantial as some thought

A leading returning Better Call Saul star discusses the significance of the series finale scene, reflecting on what it meant to have filmed it.



the future you can design yourself. Avoid losing it. This was something that a man named Chuck remarked as he was beginning to jeopardize his own future. He was simply unaware of it. Because of his conflicting emotions, jealousies, and inability to win people over the way Jimmy did, he was putting himself in a difficult situation. [Chuck watches Jimmy] act like a lawyer, but in a brash and open way while getting away with it due to his charm and slight sloppiness. Chuck, a rule-follower, was the person asking himself, “If I’m doing it perfectly, why do I feel so awful?” Although the past is in the past, it still affects you. When you reflect on the past, what you do with yourself and who you are might be somewhat informative. On a much smaller scale, I believe that’s what Jimmy is doing and feeling right now as he reflects on the passage of time.

The H.G. Wells novella The Time Machine is where the notion of time travel in the Better Call Saul finale originates, as McKean mentions in his notes. The book is briefly mentioned in the climax, and in the end, it lends the spinoff’s final hour some impetus because it goes well with Jimmy’s impending decision to make the largest shift of his life. Given how important Jimmy’s brother was and is to him, it makes sense that such a transformation would make him think of him. Chuck would be the best person to softly but firmly explain to Jimmy that there is no turning back and that he must take responsibility for his actions.

McKean was undoubtedly a crucial component of the program in yet another aspect as well. One may argue that, until he passed away in season 3, he served as the show’s co-lead alongside Odenkirk, Seehorn, and Banks. A way to reflect on all the key moments that contributed to Better Call Saul’s reputation is to bring him back for one final farewell and pay homage to the character by recalling the iconic courtroom exit sign scene.