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Fall Guys Sonic’s Adventure – a list of challenges and dates to come

What are the Chaos Emeralds?



Sonic the Hedgehog is the latest franchise to be mashed up with the Fall Guys. There are five different outfits, and a new Sonic-themed show is available for everyone to try. Gotta Go Fast is a game where players compete to be the first to collect a certain number of rings. Nothing says “Fall Guys” like a list of obstacles and prizes, so we’ve provided both.

Drop Men Sonic’s Perilous Quests

This new competition features ten tests, and there are two things that make them simpler to complete than those in the past. To begin with, it’s not necessary to take first place in every category (though you do need to reach the second round). Second, each obstacle is intrinsically linked to the overarching goal of the game, which is to run around and pick up rings. If you put in the time and effort to travel a sufficient distance and collect a sufficient number of rings, you will quickly complete all 10 challenges. These points are presented as Chaos Emeralds for added cuteness.

Complete the Gotta Go Fast 2000-meter run for full credit (100 points). Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast: Run 1000 Meters: 100 Points, 100 Points Earn a perfect 100 in Gotta Go Fast’s Round 1 by collecting all 30 Rings. Score a hundred in Gotta Go Fast’s Round 2 with seventy rings. Get 140 Rings in the Time Limited Game “Gotta Go Fast” and receive 100 points. Complete the Gotta Go Fast 5000-meter run and receive 100 points. To earn points in the second round of Gotta Go Fast, you must run a 1000-meter race. Obtain 50 Rings in the first round of Gotta Go Fast and receive 3 points. Earn 120 Rings in Gotta Go Fast’s Second Round to earn points. In order to earn 100 points in Gotta Go Fast, you must collect 500 rings.

Drop Men Benefits of Sonic’s Adventure

Since the announcement of the Sonic crossover, we’ve been aware of these benefits; nonetheless, a reminder is always welcome. Keep in mind that you’ll need to earn enough points to claim all 10 challenges if you want to get the prize.

Silver Sonic Nameplate (200 points) One hundred and twenty Kudos, four hundred and zero points, four hundred and zero points 600 points for the Sonic Pattern – 600 points Acknowledgement Level: 400 Kudos; Points Reward Level: 800 The price of a pair of Sonic Sneakers is a thousand points.

Drop Men The Adventures of Sonic and His Dates

The Sonic crossover by Fall Guys is currently airing, but it won’t be around for much longer. All tasks must be completed and rewards claimed by Monday, August 15.