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Full League Softball World Series Schedule, 2022

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The Little League Softball World Series 2022 will be held in Greenville, North Carolina, drawing the sport’s up-and-coming players.

Like the Williamsport baseball tournament, the tournament has undergone some changes since the last time it featured teams from the United States and abroad.

The biggest shift was the separation of the East and West into two separate regions. Mid-Atlantic and New England now make up the East, while the Northwest and West make up the West.

As a result of the adjustment, 12 teams instead of the usual 10 could take part in the tournament this year. Visitors to Greenville will find even more going on there.

MORE: FuboTV will broadcast a number of games from the 2022 Little League Softball World Series (free trial)

The United States has traditionally fielded the best teams in the tournament. Only once, in 2001, did an international team—Puerto Rico—win the tournament. Softball’s popularity continues to rise both at home and abroad, thanks in large part to the fascination that arises from witnessing the legendary World Series.

Detailed information about the 2022 Little League Softball World Series is provided below, including the tournament’s bracket and air times.

Schedule for the Little League Softball Championship Series 2022

The Little League Softball World Series of 2022 will feature 12 teams. Because of the double elimination format, even teams that lose their opening match still have a shot at making it to the championship round.

The larger bracket is subdivided into two smaller brackets, color-coded purple and orange, respectively. Teams from the two elimination brackets (purple and orange) will meet to determine which teams compete for the Little League Softball World Series championship. There will be a third-place game between the losers of the two semis.

The Greenville schedule guarantees at least three games for each visiting team. The LLSWS website also provides a downloadable PDF version of the tournament bracket.

Timetable for the Little League Softball Championship

Starting on August 9 and ending on August 15, the Little League Softball World Series will be played all over the globe. Over the course of those seven days, twenty-two games will be played, with the final one scheduled for Stallings Stadium in Greenville, North Carolina.

The full list of broadcast times and channels for the 2022 Little League Softball World Series can be found below.

Matchup for Tuesday, August 9: 1 Central 1, 2 Southwest 13, 3 West 9 and 4 North Carolina 2. Canadians are 0-1 down to Asia-Pacific nations.

Game and Matchup Details for Wednesday, August 10: South West 2, Latin America 0. Middle Atlantic 2, New England 1.

Game Time and Opponent on Thursday, August 11 (ET) Nine Central vs. the Continents of Europe and Africa 10 a.m. Today at 1pm, ESPN+ 10 will broadcast the Northwest vs. West matchup. The 11th match on ESPN+ features North Carolina taking on a team from Latin America. 4 p.m. Canada vs. New England, Game 12 on ESPN+ 7 p.m. ESPN+ Game Time & Matchup on Friday, August 12 (ET) The victor of Game 10 on Channel 13 will face the victor of Game 11 on that same channel. 10 a.m. ESPN+ 14 at 1 p.m., Game 9 victor versus Game 12 victor. Mid-Atlantic vs. Asia-Pacific on ESPN+ at 15 4 p.m. Tonight at 7, ESPN2 will air the Southwest’s matchup against the Southeast. ESPNU

Matchups on Channel 17, August 13 at 7:00 p.m. (ET) This afternoon at 1pm, the loser of Game 15 will face the victor of Game 14. The victor of Game 13 will face the loser of Game 16 at 4 o’clock on ESPN2. ESPN2

Time and opponent for the game on Sunday, August 14 (ET) The winner of Game 16 will face off against the victor of Game 18 on Channel 19 at 1pm. The winner of Game 15 will face the victor of Game 17 at 4 p.m. on ESPN 20 in the first semifinal. ESPN

Game Time & Opponent on Monday, August 15 (ET) Station 21 The losers of Games 19 and 20 will play each other at 4 p.m. for third place. The champion from Game 19 will face the victor from Game 20 in the ESPN22 championship game tonight at 7 o’clock. ESPN

How to Tune in to the Little League Softball World Series on TV The ESPN Networks, Inc.

E.S.P.N., E.S.P.N.2, and E. Streaming live on ESPN+ and fuboTV.

Multiple ESPN channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU, will air coverage of the Little League Softball World Series.

ESPN+ (which will air every game) and fuboTV (which will air the games on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU) are all viable options for cord-cutters.

Teams and players in the Little League Softball World Series

The Little League Softball World Series in 2022 features twelve teams. Among the 16 teams, 8 are American and 4 are from other countries. Since the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first tournament in which teams from different countries have participated.

The following squads will be competing in the Little League Softball World Series in 2022:

Team Position in Purple Pool Region Central Atlantic Delmar Delmar, Maryland’s Little League Central The Little League of Daniel Boone St. Louis, Missouri An Area Known as New England The Little League of Milford, Connecticut Canada Canada’s Little League Softball Team from St. Albert, British Columbia Europe-Africa The Region of Emilia-Romagna Bologna’s Little League Asia-Pacific Those of Western Africa’s Negroid Race Junior Baseball in Bacolod, Philippines

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