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Great-Granddad Warms Hearts As He Pushes Baby Around Garden To Help New Mom

“Some great-grandparents reprise their grandparenting roles exactly, but generally great-grandparents are a bit less involved than they were as grandparents.”



On TikTok, a video of a great-grandfather taking care of his great-grandson and giving his granddaughter a well-deserved respite touched people’s hearts.

The user @Emilyinwanderland captures her grandfather strolling around a garden with her infant in a pram in the over three million views of the video.

“When you’re 95 years old, Grandpa walks around the garden, so your baby can fall asleep and you may enjoy your supper without interruption,” the video’s caption reads.

“He did not want to stop walking baby around,” she wrote as the caption for the video. I adore him!

Boom Great-grandparents

According to a Census Bureau official who was mentioned in the New York Times, by the year 2030, the majority of eight-year-olds will have at least one living great-grandparent.

Baby boomers are those who were born in the 18 years after World War II, between 1946 and 1964, and who tended to have their children very early, who then had children of their own fairly young. As a result, Boomer grandparents are living in a generational sweet spot.

The “role of a great-grandparent is comparable to the grandparenting job, with a few slight distinctions,” according to an article on titled “The Role of Great-Grandparents.”

Some great-grandparents practically replicate their grandparenting roles. Many great-grandparents look after their great-grandchildren while they travel. The great-grandchildren of certain great-grandparents are being raised. But more often than not, great-grandparents are a little less involved than they were as grandparents.

The scenes captivated many users of TikTok, with one commenting, “Wow, what an incredibly wonderful time on this world. I’m so glad you got it on camera, and I appreciate you sharing.

One commenter advised others to record more of these special moments, writing, “Remember to record videos of all the occasions. We have been given technology to capture these moments, big and little.

Some folks talked about their own families in their stories.

One person posted, “Sitting here with tears in my eyes holding my baby, wishing my beloved grandpa was still here,” while another wrote, “My 98-year-old great-grand-grandma got to meet her newest great-great-grandchild this summer, and it was beautiful.”

“Protect this lovely grandparent at all means,” another commenter urged. My two grandparents who passed away from dementia never met my small children.

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