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Greg Penner is careful to strike the balance of being present without overtaking the subordinate

When it’s time to buy an NFL team, there is only one real requirement. That is enough money to pay the agreed price to the previous owner. There are no tests of football knowledge, no requirement of



There is only one real prerequisite for purchasing an NFL team. With sufficient funds to cover the purchase price agreed upon with the previous owner.

There is no football knowledge test, and no prior experience with football (or any other sport) is required. There is no screening for suitability to run an NFL franchise, no limit on fan involvement, and no way for them to opt out.

CEO of the 49ers Jed York once said that an owner cannot be fired. (Read Playmakers to learn more about this dynamic. One of the places to buy it is the business run by the Broncos’ new owners.

After being run by a trust of three people for many years, the Broncos have a new owner. Rob Walton is the most well-known member of a leadership team of three that also includes his daughter Carrie Walton-Penner and son-in-law Scott Penner. It appears that Greg Penner will soon take a more active role.

Penner, who will be CEO and (based on his comments from Thursday) the most involved team member, has a clear challenge ahead of him. He needs to be there when needed without getting in the way.

Penner promised that all five owners, including the company’s three new minority shareholders, would be actively involved in decision-making. Someone has to be in charge with all of us being here, and I’ve decided to step up to the plate. Since this is where you will be seeing the most of me, I will explain. We’re going to lean on everyone here because this is an incredible team. When we have important questions or make crucial strategic decisions, you can bet that Rob and Carrie will be right here with me. Above all else, we can’t wait to enjoy this time together as a group. This is a business, but it also happens to be a sports team. Our team’s primary objective is to succeed, but we also plan to enjoy ourselves immensely as a unit and as a family as we do so.

Having the property’s owner present is crucial. Owner presence tends to keep staff on their toes. This isn’t just a piece of real estate or a status symbol; it’s a priority and a labor of love.

This enthusiasm, however, must stop short of leading Penner and the other owners to think that they can jump in and fix everything despite their lack of background knowledge and experience in the industry and the sport.

Penner has stated his intent to hire a team president, further distancing ownership from operational details. Nonetheless, the team president may act as a conduit for conveying ownership’s wishes to the team and its employees without any direct instruction from the owners.

Furthermore, they will unquestionably be present, with the power to express their desires. We’re a Colorado family,” Penner remarked. They hope to achieve this by giving authority to those who know what they’re doing.

Penner said, “We’re big believers in empowering people.” As a group, we have a deep appreciation for the sport of football. To paraphrase [limited partner Condoleezza Rice], her father was a coach. We won’t be calling plays in the NFL, but she knows the game. There will be no player draft. We’re going to put faith in [General Manager] George Paton and [Coach] Nathaniel Hackett to steer the ship and make the tough calls. Obviously, we won’t be [calling the plays on the football field], but that won’t stop us from having fun as we learn and gain insight along the way. They will be in charge of all football strategy.

Despite their protestations to the contrary, many owners’ input is undeniably felt in the final outcome of football matters, even if they themselves do not make the calls. Workers for billionaires have the mental capacity to infer preferences from offhand remarks and act accordingly. Since Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has stated publicly that he values a high draft position in 2020 more than a championship this year, disciplinary action from the NFL was warranted. An NFL owner can send an unmistakable message by doing this.

If it works, time will tell. David Tepper, owner of the Carolina Panthers, appears to be trying too hard to spend his way into NFL relevance at times, but so far it hasn’t worked. And it appears that his frustration is growing as he realizes that things are not progressing as quickly as he had hoped.

There is nothing Broncos fans can do but accept whatever happens. This ownership group is stuck until it decides to sell, win, or walk away. And as any fan of Commanders knows all too well, you can never fire an owner.

This article (Greg Penner’s No. 1 challenge: finding the right balance between being present and not meddling) was sourced from the Pro Football Talk and has been republished here with permission.