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How much does Genshin Impact cost? How to ensure I’ll get the best value

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In general, free mobile games like Genshin Impact give their players a variety of reasonable deals that can add up over time. With a game like Genshin Impact, this may now even cover years of gameplay. You could spend a little money here and there while playing the game… when after playing a game for months or even years, you stop keeping track of how much money you’ve spent on gorgeous pixels. You could at some point want to know exactly how much money you’ve spent on Genshin Impact and need to know how to achieve so. Utilize our advice to investigate your possibilities and locate the data you require.

How can you view your Genshin Impact purchase history?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check your purchase history within Genshin Impact. A feature like this is desperately needed in a game like Genshin, but the creators, miHoYo, have not made it simple to verify just how much you’ve spent in the Shop and what you’ve been spending on. Not to worry, though; we’ll show you some less exciting ways to monitor your Genshin spending.

Which service you use to pay for your in-game purchases will mostly determine this. The approach is basically the same and is based on the tried-and-true bank account expenditure search. Connect to your bank account and look through your expenditure history to do that. The best course of action would be to narrow the search for a time period during which you are confident that you have been playing Genshin Impact and to use search terms like “HoYo,” “miHoYo,” “Genshin,” or “Genshin Impact.” This should show you exactly how much money you’ve been spending on the game and when it happened.

Additionally, the process is much the same if you choose to pay for Genshin Impact using your PayPal account. Simply log in to PayPal and use the same filters as those we listed above to search for your payments from your PayPal profile.

Having said that, we genuinely hope that miHoYo, the company that created Genshin Impact, will think about including a more accessible feature in the game soon. That would help them play their games more responsibly while also saving their players a ton of time.