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How to gain followers in the Cult of the Lamb

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You wouldn’t have a cult without the devoted members of Cult of the Lamb. If you didn’t have them, you’d be nothing more than a possessed lamb defending against a horde of Heretics. Your Followers are invaluable to you, and they can gain power as you progress. In order to make these things occur and to take care of them, there are a few steps you can take. Learn the ins and outs of Cult of the Lamb’s Follower advancement here!

Gaining Experience for Cult of the Lamb Members

The way you treat your Followers, the gifts you give them, and the quests you take on their behalf all affect how they feel about you. If a Follower is close to reaching the next level, a red bar will appear above their head. Getting up close and personal with your Followers and bestowing upon them a blessing is a great way to quickly raise this metric. In Cult of the Lamb, you can hasten this procedure by blessing a Follower once per day.

As if those minor deeds weren’t enough, every single Follower who listens to your Sermon will also receive a modest level increase. Each member of your cult’s Followership will appreciate it if this is done at least once a day.

Many of the items that make good gifts for your Followers also provide slight bonuses to their stats. We recommend pairing these items with Followers who can make good use of them, whether that’s in gathering more Devotion, farming, mining, or any of the other zillions of tiny tasks that need doing for your cult to function.

Approach a Follower who is ready to level up to receive some Devotion and a fragment of a Commandment Stone.