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How to get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

A very cold glass.



As you make your way through Tower of Fantasy, you’ll find yourself collecting a wide variety of useful items. Included in this list are the components needed to strengthen your arsenal. You’ll want to stock up on augment materials like Icecore so you can keep your weapons in top shape as you level them up. You can’t improve your frost elemental weapons without icecore. Thankfully, locating Icecore isn’t too difficult.

Instructions for Acquiring Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

You have probably seen crystals of various hues on your travels across Aida. These crystals can be uncovered in a wide variety of environments, from mountains to fields to enemy strongholds. A few of these crystals are an off-white color and cascade like a cold mist. To obtain Icecore, simply consume these crystals.

The frost crystals strewn about the world can be broken down for icecore, a smaller variety of crystal. You’ll need a weapon with ice in it to break these crystals. You can order one from the Special Delivery section of the menu in exchange for Gold and Black Nuclei if you don’t already have one. These crystals almost always come with a Frost Core. In order to break the crystals, you can toss these creatures into them.

You can also use Black Gold to purchase Icecore from the weapon menu if you’re having trouble tracking these crystals down. In addition to finding them in Supply Pods and completing quests, you can also purchase them from vendors. These crystals can be used to enhance your ice elemental weapons at levels 10, 20, 30, and so on.