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How to play A Hunter’s Cry in Sea of Thieves: Answered

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In the newest Sea of Thieves Adventure, A Hunter’s Cry, you and your crew will have to band together to rescue Merrick the Hunter from the hands of the Dark Brethren. The servers in Sea of Thieves automatically pair you up with up to three other crews whenever you enter A Hunter’s Cry. But what about solo play? That’s the question we’ll be addressing today.

Players can team up in A Hunter’s Cry.

A Hunter’s Cry cannot be played solo, as Sea of Thieves always requires players to join a group. It’s more common to start a new instance, but you can occasionally join an existing one. Once you enter the Adventure, you and the other crews have 45 minutes to complete it.

Consequently, you should avoid venturing into A Hunter’s Cry all by yourself, as doing so will put you at the mercy of the game’s algorithm and the other players currently in the area. Forget about getting anything done in that 45 minutes if you and the other crews are floundering around in the dark.

Worse, crews can enter the Adventure with the sole intention of attacking anyone attempting to complete a timed activity. Every encounter has the potential to devolve into an all-out shenanigans fest between multiple crews and players, much like the typical gameplay in Sea of Thieves. There are also no checkpoints, so if you don’t make it through the Adventure or run out of time, you have to start from the beginning.

When playing, it’s best to do so with at least one person you can count on for a consistent experience. Try to coordinate with the other participants and take charge if necessary, even if you don’t have a regular team. The goals of A Hunter’s Cry can be accomplished individually, but the process is streamlined when all players work together—though that’s never a given in a game where you play as a pirate.