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How to unlock and access the Omni Beacon in tower of Fantasy

A new hand touches the Beacon.



If you’re adept at hide-and-seek, Omnium Beacon is among the five Select tasks in Tower of Fantasy that are the easiest to complete. It requires Vitality to activate, much like any other Select activity, however due to its features, it is the only Select option having a PvP component. In contrast to Joint Operations, where you rely on other players to assist you clear a dungeon, Omnium Beacons force the putting player to conceal a gathering point so that others might grab it and deny them of the whole prize.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to access, unlock, and use Omnium Beacons.

Achieving Beacon

At level 28, you can access Omnium Beacons, which is the next-to-last option on the Select screen of the Adventure menu. By clicking on it, you can purchase an Omnium collector for 30 Vitality, which opens the Omnium Beacon page. The collector can then be deployed virtually anywhere in the overworld.

You must wait 24 hours after placing a collector before collecting the rewards it will eventually produce. The catch is that whenever another player claims a collector adjacent to the one you planted, you must give them a scanner that displays three photographs of the region around the collector in addition to its overall location.

Since you can also be given the coordinates for other players’ collectors, this feature works both ways. You can steal some of the gained prizes if you or they find out where a collector is, depriving each other of the full benefit of the action.

Protecting your collector is extremely important, and while you can’t prevent another player from finding its coordinates, you can place it in an awkward or difficult-to-reach location. Be mindful that a collector can only be set up on level ground in an open space. Locations near cliffs, behind trees, and similar areas won’t be accepted.

We advise not engaging in any Omnium Beacon activities before unlocking at least Astra and Banges because you’ll have a lot more places to hide your collector after doing so.

You can pick up your rewards from the collector in the Omnium Beacon menu after 24 hours has passed, then you can choose to repeat the process if you’d like.