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“In the coming months” a voice chat service will be offered in Portal’s PS5 game

Microsoft’s popular online service is set to land on the Xbox One console.



Last month, Discord voice chat lobbies were added to Xbox consoles, marking the service’s expansion from PCs to home consoles. According to a report by eXputer published on Friday, the service may soon be available on PlayStation 5.

The report claims that “in the coming months,” the PlayStation 5 will gain “full [Discord] integration,” which will presumably include voice chat. It is expected that the service will debut at the same time as PS5 firmware version 7.00, with the release of firmware version 6.00 scheduled for the middle of September.

With PlayStation’s partnership with Discord announced last year, the arrival of the latter on PS5 seems inevitable. The report should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as neither Discord nor PlayStation have officially announced this feature. If true, however, an official announcement could come as soon as the coming months.

Discord added support for PlayStation Network earlier this year, following up on a previously announced partnership; however, the integration lacked a number of key features. Simply put, it lets you connect your PlayStation Network and Discord profiles so that the latter can keep track of the games you’re playing on your PlayStation 4 or 5 console.

Approximately a month after the beta release of Discord voice lobbies on Xbox systems for Xbox Insiders, this report has surfaced. It’s unclear if the rumored PS5 version will require a similar method to set up Discord voice chat on Xbox, which currently necessitates using both the Xbox and Discord mobile apps.