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Industries in Bardhaman – A Significant Boost for Bengal Economy

Today, the Bardhaman district is recognized as probably the most valuable industrial belts of not just West Bengal, however the entire India. Industries here had a major boost among 1995-1965 and also the places like Durgapur, Asansol, Raniganj, Burnpur, Kulti, and Chittranjan observed major industrial outgrowth. However, Asansol and Durgapur Subdivisions would be the two major industrial belts of the region.

Because of accessibility to two major natural sources that’s iron ore and coal, the western area of the district has switched into major industrial belt. It may be stated that Durgapur and Asansol Subdivisions supply the best appropriate infrastructure and climate to stimulate the commercial development in and all around the Bardhaman district. There’s an increasing need for industrial products in India and abroad that has caused lots of foreign investments because the publish independence era. At the moment, there’s a plentiful way to obtain recycleables for that domestic plants. It has tremendously benefitted and saved the industries in Bardhaman from having to pay for heavy import costs.

Many ventures in the area are based on heavy engineering, coal chemicals and fertilizers as the majority of the industries here derive from coal, iron and steel products. Again, hydro-electric program stirred up by water sources and coal based thermal power generation program have provided major thrust towards the district and it is adjoining areas. Major industries in Bardhaman are Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur Fertilizers, Alloy Steels Raniganj Coalfield, IISCO, Chittranjan Locomotive Works, Hindustan Cables Limited, and much more.

Bardhaman District is also referred to as the Granary of West Bengal. Geographically, the area is most appropriate for cultivation because of the wealthy alluvial soil introduced through the confluence from the three major rivers here namely the Damodar, the Ajay and also the Hoogly. 50 Plus percent from the economy relies upon agriculture and grain may be the major growing crop here. It is among the highest quality grain also is exported within the neighbouring countries. Together with grain, sugarcane, taters, mustard, jute, and sugarcane will also be grown in this area. Dairy market is also among the chief jobs of the numerous locals.

The Damodar River Valley barrage designed for irrigation and navigation purpose included in the Damodar River Valley Project has provided a typographical edge towards the district of Bardhaman and tremendously helped in the industrial and farming development. Actually, it may be stated the industrial expansion in the region publish independence is related to the hydro-electrical power production established through the Damodar River Valley Project.

Several cottage industries also have popped up around the location. Chief products made by the locals for his or her livelihood are iron utensils and utensils, clay utensils and pottery, silver and gold smithy, etc.

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