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Joe Dumars is returning to the Detroit Pistons head coach role

Even after being with the NBA for so long Joe Dumars is still a nobody.



Bulls guard B.J. Armstrong, a friend of his then and now.

But it was stunning to see Dumars be penalized for a flagrant foul.

It was incredible. And my trustworthy friend Darell Garretson predicted it,” stated Dumars. “You’ve got to be kidding me, I recalled thinking. And I’ve been whining to B.J. about that decision for years; you ought to have objected on my behalf.

After some physical games where teams were content to reach 90 points, he witnessed the league undergo another significant change, shifting more toward offensive. In the most recent NBA Finals, just one team failed to achieve 90 points (the Celtics scored 88 in Game 2 against Golden State).

For the first seven years, or the first half of Dumars’ tenure as the Pistons’ president, “I would say it was still pretty much a defensive first league that you’re going to have to win by just stopping guys,” he said. “However, as the second half of my time with the Pistons’ front office progressed, you could see it was becoming more and more an offensive league, with more and more emphasis being put on three-pointers and open play slightly more than before.”

Dumars’ career, which has spanned more than 40 years in professional basketball, takes another meandering, almost unexpected turn.

Dumars stated, “You definitely bring the experiences with you.” “I enter the building every day, honest about what has occurred. Actually, I believe that’s what the men in this room wanted. They want my genuine and distinctive experiences.