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Kendall Jenner wore a one-shoulder dress with a thigh-high slit to her première

This looks gorgeous.



To launch Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila line last night, the Kardashian-Jenners all dressed to the nines, with Jenner taking the lead in one of the greatest looks of the year. The model wore a white one-shoulder dress with a thigh-high leg cut that was timeless gorgeous. She accessorized with a black backpack, sandal heels, and straight, dark hair.

During a rare interview with i-D magazine in February, Jenner discussed how she felt about owning a drinks company and drawing attention from the media. She began by going over how she has changed in her opinion of A-list stardom. She began, “I used to be terribly angry. You can absolutely find old footage of me yelling at paparazzi for no cause at all, as well as for a very clear one, online. Simply put, I feel much better about everything now. It’s difficult to describe. It’s just something you have to accept, I suppose.

She continued, “I’m a control freak at heart, but in my modeling job, I’ve learnt to accept not having control.” “At a young age, I had to relinquish that power and let someone else to portray me anyway they saw fit, whether it was for an editorial, a campaign, a commercial, or anything else. I have to do it. Being on the other side now allows me to regain some of that control, establish my own brand [818], and feel empowered, and it has been just great. It was awesome to use all of my resources as a female and someone who comes from a household that values women a lot.