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Lions player reveals about his coaching regime being in a skit he hated when he was a rookie

Tracy Walker felt his rookie skit didn’t go over well.



According to Tracy Walker, his first attempt at a comedy routine was met with lukewarm reception.

Many NFL clubs have a little fun at training camp by making rookies perform skits for the team, like when Aidan Hutchinson sang “Billie Jean” in front of the Lions’ whole roster. This practice was less common in Detroit before Dan Campbell’s arrival.

Lions safety Tracy Walker revealed on the Stoney & Jansen Show on 97.1 the Ticket that former head coach Matt Patricia wasn’t as welcoming to his rookie skit in 2018.

A total of three skits were required of me. In my first skit, we made fun of the coaches, which they didn’t appreciate, as Walker explained via

Oh wow, it was terrible. Next morning at five o’clock we had to rehearse the skit again; we came up with a new play, and although the audience laughed, it wasn’t successful in satisfying their expectations because we weren’t acting. That’s why I had to make up another comedy routine.

During the offseason, Walker was a free agent, but he signed a three-year, $25 million contract with Detroit. He claims he would have left the team if Patricia’s coaching staff was still in place.

“Had I known this,” he said, “I wouldn’t have returned. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t have returned.

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