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Liz Cheney Championed the Truth and Embraced a Liar–Her Father

As Congresswoman Liz Cheney made her high-minded pronouncements about the importance of truth and courage and genuine patriotism during the congressional hearing into the Jan. 6 insurrection, she was



During the congressional hearing examining the Jan. 6 uprising, Rep. Liz Cheney’s lofty declarations about the value of honesty, bravery, and genuine patriotism were overshadowed by a query that fairly generally kept silent.

What about your father, you freak?

But fairness was one of the guiding concepts of the hearing-turned-reality-show. Furthermore, to have blamed her for former vice president Dick Cheney’s falsehoods and cowardice would have been to hold the child accountable for the faults of the parent.

Liz Cheney later posted a campaign ad with her father in it two weeks after the final, prime-time hearing during which she said, “We must remember that we cannot abandon the truth and remain a free nation.”

Dick Cheney described Donald Trump as a coward. A true man wouldn’t tell his supporters a lie.

That came from a guy who had deceived the nation into supporting the war in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and cost us the sense of cohesion and direction that the real, live FDNY members who scaled the towers had given us.

This father’s faults include creating a justification to force others into combat after obtaining five conscription exemptions during the Vietnam War.

In addition, Liz Cheney may owe her own existence to her father’s efforts to keep her out of harm’s path, as The Washington Post has observed. After married men without children were deemed to no longer be exempt, Dick Cheney was briefly designated as 1A and was therefore eligible for the draft. For all of 10 weeks, he was in risk of being drafted until securing a 3A exemption due to the fact that his wife Lynne was expecting their first child. After six and a half months, Liz was born. The math indicates that she was conceived just days after her father qualified for the draft, serving for Dick Cheney as a fetus what Donald Trump’s alleged bone spur did for the similarly anti-draft candidate.

Dick Cheney later said, “I had other priorities in the 1960s than military duty.”

Nobody can legitimately hold Liz Cheney responsible for being the fetus version of a bone spur. She shouldn’t be held responsible for her father’s lies that Iraq had ties to al Qaeda and posed an immediate threat to the United States, even if she was 35 at the time of 9/11.

In August 2002, Cheney asserted, “There is no question that Saddam Hussein now possesses weapons of mass destruction.”

.. There is no doubt that he is gathering them for use against us, our friends, and our allies.

Due to those lies, heroes who responded to 9/11 as if it were Pearl Harbor ended up in a nation that had nothing to do with the attack rather than Afghanistan, where they were supposed to be fighting al Qaeda. Dick Cheney said not a single word of regret for betraying our greatest qualities. He persisted in being the antithesis of a real man: a chilly, timid bully who shied away from taking accountability for his words and conduct.

When Liz Cheney ran for the Senate in Wyoming in 2013, she appeared to be very much her father’s daughter, despite the fact that her younger sister Mary was a lesbian with a long-term boyfriend. Mary vehemently disagreed with her sister’s viewpoint. Along with their father, their mother supported Liz.

Then, Dick and Lynne released a joint statement in which they said, “We have dealt with this issue quietly for many years, and we are pained to see it become public.” One thing ought to be obvious since it has. Liz has consistently adhered to the conventional view of marriage.

Liz Cheney yet fell short. However, she was chosen three years later to fill her father’s vacant House of Representatives seat for Wyoming, which he had previously held before rising to the positions of secretary of defense and vice president. She demonstrated that she was just as conservative as her father, but she distinguished herself from him by acting with real honesty after a mob of Trump fans spurred by lies invaded the Capitol.

If she hadn’t voted in favor of the second impeachment, she almost likely would have won reelection this year. As she, the daughter of a major liar, fought an even greater one, her political prospects in Wyoming grew bleaker.

As she emerged during the hearings on January 6 as a fearless defender of the truth, she had to be seen as very much her own person by everyone who rejected Trump’s grand deception about the stolen election. She appeared to be proof that a real woman would be honest with anyone, including her admirers.

When she vehemently denounced what she called “the worst part of Trump” during that final planned hearing, it was impossible for any supporter of the truth to remain silent.

She argued that if our country were in danger, “Donald Trump knows that millions of Americans who supported him would step up and protect it.” “They would risk their freedom and their lives to keep her safe. He is using their sense of patriotism. Their feeling of fairness is being used by him.

And Donald Trump used their love of nation into a weapon against our Capitol and our Constitution on January 6, she said.

Wyoming was still Wyoming, though. And when the primary drew near, she appeared to lose hope in herself in the face of an almost likely loss and posted the advertisement. Dick Cheney looked much more like one of the evil guys because he was sporting a white cowboy hat.

The liar said that most Republicans are aware of Lynne. She also stated, “I am very proud of Liz for standing up for the truth, doing what is right, and honoring her oath to the constitution.” And so many members of our party are afraid to act. Liz has no fear. She never gives up the fight.

Dick Cheney here. He remarked, “I happily cast my ballot for my daughter.

Then came the voice of the women who, in any other circumstance, would have been deserving of all truth-seekers’ compassion.

“This message has my approval,” said Liz Cheney.

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