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Liz Cheney loses her primary to a local Republican challenger

Liz Cheney lost her seat in Congress in Wyoming to a challenger backed by Trump only three years after calling for her opponent’s imprisonment.



Liz Cheney lost her seat in Congress to a rival supported by the former president as punishment for her steadfast resistance to Donald Trump’s assault on US democracy.

In a Republican primary to choose Wyoming’s lone representative in the House, conservative attorney Hageman defeated vice-chair of the January 6 committee. Hageman has echoed Trump’s baseless accusations of widespread voter fraud.

“No House seats, no position in this country is more essential than the ideas we are all sworn to uphold,” she said in a speech acknowledging defeat in Jackson. And I was fully aware of any possible political repercussions if I did what was right. To accept the results of elections with respect in our republic, all candidates for office must have honorable intentions. And tonight, in this primary, Harriet Hageman has gotten the most votes. She triumphed.

“I called her to tell her that the primary election’s race was decided. But now comes the hard part.

The outcome, which was widely anticipated by polls, sends a blow to the last remaining elements of the Republican party establishment and extends a winning streak for candidates in congressional primaries who have received Trump’s endorsement.

In Wyoming, a strongly conservative state where the Cheney family has been regarded as political royalty, it would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Dick Cheney, the father of the three-term congresswoman, served as the state’s representative in the US House for ten years before becoming George H.W. Bush’s defense secretary from 1989 to 1993 and George W. Bush’s vice president from 2001 to 2009.

This month, Dick Cheney defended his daughter and referred to Trump as the worst “danger to our nation” in American history.

Additionally, he expressed his pride in his daughter for “standing up to the truth, doing what’s right, and upholding her oath to the Constitution at a time when so many in our party are too terrified to do so.”

However, local Republicans were outraged by Liz Cheney’s battle against Trump during the committee’s televised hearings on January 6. They claimed that she had prioritized her national career goals over Wyoming locals.

Democrats and independents praised her for taking a principled stance despite the possibility that it would amount to electoral self-sacrifice.

The top Republicans couldn’t wait to celebrate Cheney’s loss.

Congratulations to Harriet Hageman on her decisive victory over Liz Cheney, a puppet of Nancy Pelosi, in the Wyoming Republican primary, said Elise Stefanik of New York, who replaced Cheney as the third-ranking House Republican, in a statement issued prior to the results being declared.

… Liz Cheney had long since lost the voice of the people of Wyoming, but Harriet is a true America First patriot who will give them back.

The head of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, concurred, declaring that Hageman will “make Wyoming proud.”

The disgruntled conservative organization The Lincoln Project declared: “Tonight, the country marks the death of the Republican party.”

What is left is a nationalist authoritarian cult that is solely focused on Donald Trump, although sharing the name and branding of the traditional GOP.

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