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Liz Cheney’s GOP primary win could give her a prelude to her success with voters in the general election

“Patton said that Kristi Gillard will likely return to the election campaign arena,” but without providing specifics.



“People are not choosing to support a candidate; they are choosing to oppose a candidate.”

Does Cheney represent us? was the question that Wyoming voters were compelled to respond to at the polls.

Given that Trump won the state with more than two-thirds of the vote in both 2016 and 2020, many believed Cheney ought to have been more supportive of him. King made the point that even though Cheney defied party lines to support Trump’s impeachment, her voting record during the Trump administration was more conservative and closely aligned with the Trump White House—she voted with the former president roughly 93 percent of the time—than her detractors in the Republican conference.

However, Tuesday’s election showed that Wyoming Republicans believed Cheney had betrayed them by voting with Democrats last year.

While voters appeared to quickly reject Cheney and support Hageman, Patton argued that a victory for her primary rival would also make it simpler for the public to create a caricature of the GOP. It is harder for Republicans to win close elections as a result of the contrast between the Cheney and Trump camps, which “further purges the GOP into a motley crew of extreme candidates and ideologies.” So, Cheney may be supported in 2024 by a pro-Trump Republican Party.

I don’t know what Representative Cheney’s future holds, but she isn’t finished, Patton remarked. She will most certainly return to the arena swinging after receiving her Profile in Courage Award.

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