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Los Angeles DA Office denies campaign to recall Gascon, a grassroots group says

Support for a recall election led by Gascon will grow after the 46,807 invalid voter signatures are sorted to verify that some of the signatures are legitimate.



After regrouping, the recall effort for Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon will start to comb through 46,807 bogus voter signatures that derailed a previous attempt to remove the troubled prosecutor from office.

On Monday, the registrar-office recorder’s said that the campaign had failed to submit 566,857 legitimate signatures required to be eligible for an election. A grassroots movement has moved to remove Gascon from office twice in the last two years due to allegations that he favors criminals above victims.

The volunteers, however, are not yet ready to give up and have doubts about the county’s results considering Gascon’s backing from the elected leaders in the area. The prosecutors union, which represented 98% of the office’s attorneys, law enforcement, the victims, and 37 localities, including Beverly Hills, supported the recall on a nonpartisan basis.

Failure to follow the law threatens to cause the recall of the DA Gascon, the group claims.

Prosecutors working under Gascon, according to former district attorney Steve Cooley, “that was a kick in the stomach for a lot of them.” “They were so confident that it would work this time, but they will now have to put in more effort and wait to see what the results are. The window of opportunity to put this on the November ballot has closed.

According to prosecutors and law enforcement, Gascon’s reduction of charges for violent felons, such as downplaying the use of a gun or affiliation to a gang, has caused a crime wave that they are desperate to stop.

Defendants in two separate cases, for instance, have been charged with murdering a total of three police officers after accepting plea agreements in prior cases for which they were sentenced to a few months in jail. As a result, they were present when the officers were killed.

“I have spoken with several folks. They are obviously very disappointed because this will probably mean another two years of this man’s risky practices, which are endangering the entire LA County, said Deputy District Attorney John Lewin, a 28-year office veteran.

Gascon acknowledged that more work has to be done in the county but referred to the recall movement as a power grab.

Elise Moore, a spokeswoman for the Gascon campaign, told the Washington Examiner, “And we remain strongly dedicated to that effort.” “The DA’s top priorities have always been ensuring our safety and establishing a more just legal system for everybody. The announcement from yesterday does not alter that.

The LA County Democratic Party, lawmakers, and labor unions, among others, support Gascon, according to Moore.

Given that volunteers verified the signatures before giving them to the registrar-recorder, campaign organizers are perplexed by the voter total at this time.

The county discovered 88,464 unregistered voter signatures, 43,595 duplicates, 32,187 incorrect address signatures, 9,490 mismatched signatures, 7,344 canceled signatures, 5,374 out-of-county signatures, and 9,331 additional invalid signatures.

The recall effort has 21 days to review the signatures and note any inconsistencies.


A petition to start the recall of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon received more than 500,000 legitimate signatures, according to a statement from the campaign. It is terrible to deny them the chance to reestablish public safety in their own neighborhoods. It would be dishonest or, at best, foolish to read this other than as a complete rejection of Gascon’s risky ideas.

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Tori Richards is the author at large.

Original Place: Recall efforts for Los Angeles DA Gascon are ongoing, a grassroots organization claims.