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New York Yankees fans have found themselves expressing some emotions that you might not have seen before like frustration, anger and overall dissatisfaction

With their recent slump, the Yankees have lost an alarming eight out of their past 10 games.



The Yankees have had a tough run of games.

Yes, they still lead the American League East by a wide margin. They now lead the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games as of this writing.

Yes, Aaron Judge is still hitting home runs. With 46 home runs, he now has the most of any MLB batter. To put that into perspective, Kyle Schwarber, the player who comes in second, has 34.

There are many positive aspects about New York, but it appears that Bronx fans are tired of the losing baseball they have been seeing since the beginning of August.

In fact, it’s become so terrible that they’re transforming the bleachers into a night at the barbershop rather than a stadium.

The bleachers have been transformed into a barbershop scene by the crowd because the Yankees are currently so difficult to watch. Tweeted Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) 17 August 2022

With the loss to the Rays on Tuesday night, New York has now dropped 11 of its previous 14 contests. The Yankees were swept by the St. Louis Cardinals in four games during this five-game losing skid. There have since been series defeats to the Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, and now Tampa.

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