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One suspect, an armed man, is accused of trying to breach the FBI office in Ohio

An hours-long police standoff ended near Wilmington, Ohio. Residents were initially told to shelter in place, but later were allowed to return home.



Around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, an hour-long police standoff with a man who allegedly tried to get into the FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio, came to an end.

On Facebook, the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency announced that the incident on a major roadway in the Wilmington, Ohio, area had been resolved, but provided no other information.

The Clinton emergency management office reports that a lockdown affecting an area of one mile is gradually being lifted and routes are opening to traffic again.

The Hill has contacted the organization and the police in the area for comment.

Around 9 a.m., an armed suspect reportedly tried to break into the FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rapidly responding FBI officers lost track of the man as he ran toward Interstate 71 in Ohio, where he was pursued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The gray-shirted, body-armored man eventually pulled over in Wilmington, between Interstate 71 and State Route 73, and allegedly engaged law enforcement in gunfire.

A police cordon was established as the situation continued.

The suspect was described as a Caucasian male wearing an orange shirt and sunglasses and driving a Ford Crown Victoria, according to a live blog from the Wilmington News Journal that analyzed police scanners. After a while, he switched to the gray shirt.

According to the news source, multiple emergency responders and law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene, including officers from the Ohio State Police and the FBI.

According to the Wilmington News Journal, the man was perched near his truck with a weapon as police and helicopters surrounded him. The newspaper also stated that blood was splattered over the guy’s right thigh.

This report comes just after the FBI executed a massive raid on former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Some Republicans have even called for the FBI to be defunded in response to what they see as the raid’s obvious political motivations.

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