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Overwatch 2 will allow players to progress through the season by spending in-game talent points on characters

Find out what is the cross-progression system in Overwatch 2, and learn about all the details you need to know.



Blizzard detailed cross-progression for Overwatch 2 in a new blog post after first revealing the functionality in June. The blog post covered how to merge accounts, carry over progression and cosmetics into a single profile, and more.

Here is a summary of everything you need know about Overwatch 2’s cross-progression.


On October 4, Overwatch2 launches, starting a new chapter for the series as a free-to-play live service game! Discover more about the game and our dedication to bringing you regular seasonal content updates that enhance the game and guarantee that there is always something new to play. [Overwatch] (@PlayOverwatch) June 16, 2022

Cross-Progression in Overwatch 2: Merging Accounts

Every Overwatch player who has a linked console account (Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch) will be requested to identify, choose, and confirm the accounts they want to merge upon login starting on August 16.

Blizzard stresses double-checking which accounts are being merged before confirming because users will only have this one opportunity to consolidate their console accounts.

Before verifying your account merge, double-check that the appropriate console accounts are connected to your account.


Blizzard will set up the accounts to be combined during the launch of Overwatch 2 once gamers provide their approval.

Regardless of platform, everyone who wants to play Overwatch 2 needs a account.

This account merge is also the only way for console gamers to access and carry over their Overwatch 2 progress. Players that connected their accounts during the Overwatch Cross-Play launch are included in this.

Players on the PC will have the opportunity to merge any console accounts they may have with their accounts because their progress will immediately carry over to Overwatch 2.

Players’ accounts will be used to save progress from connected console accounts and to share in-game cosmetics and achievements with other connected accounts.

One account can only be linked to another per platform. A gamer won’t be able to merge their two PC accounts, for instance, if they have two accounts. The same is true for multiple Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch accounts.

After the integration, players will still be able to disconnect their console accounts from their accounts whenever they choose. New accounts cannot be linked to a account for a year, though.

Players can also access their progression and in-game stuff from their account when they link a new console account to it. The new console account won’t transmit its game progress and in-game stuff to the connected account, therefore it won’t function both ways.

How Cross-Progression in Overwatch 2 Works

Credits for Overwatch will be added after combining accounts.

Tokens from various Overwatch League accounts will be added up after merging. Overwatch League tokens from console accounts won’t move to OW2 if you don’t consolidate your accounts. Tokens acquired for the Overwatch League on the Nintendo Switch will not be combined and will stay on that system.

The combined account will contain every item in the Hero Gallery on all platforms. This applies to all sprays, emotes, skins, and other items found in the game’s Hero Gallery page at the time. Multiple platform duplicate cosmetics will be combined into a single account.

The PC and console input pools will split the competitive and skill ratings. In the event that gamers consolidate numerous console accounts, the highest rating will be taken.

By input pool, different gameplay data are presented. The sum of total values, such as playtime or victories, will be used. Best values, such as kill streaks or hero accuracy, will extract the most value from the combined accounts.

The greatest endorsement received by a player will transfer to their combined account.

The combined account will contain all in-game achievements obtained on either platform. Achievements specific to consoles will stay on those platforms.

The platform-specific gameplay settings will remain the same after the platforms are combined. Gameplay options for consoles will be kept apart from those for personal computers.

The combined account will have all of the custom game settings from each individual account.

On October 4, 2022, Overwatch will be made available globally for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC (through