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Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing

Introduction and objectives from the Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing

* Building professionals in a position to effectively satisfy the responsibilities and Marketing and advertising decisions within their professional development.

* To supply the abilities which allow professional align and coordinate the functions and activities from the company’s business area.

* Integrate the vision and overall business objectives with policies and techniques for marketing, sales.

* Get the participant’s capability to lead and coordinate work teams with maximum efficiency.

* To coach the participants within the analysis of reality inside the current procedure for continuous change, who understands how to select, develop and implement the Marketing and advertising strategies using the organization’s business plan and understand new models and methods marketing to be able to decide what are very best in every situation.

* To supply the participants using the mindset and skills that permit them to develop, implement and manage the business and marketing plans.

Targeted at

* College graduates who would like to develop their career in marketing and business management to be able to assume positions of effective responsibility in this region of business

* Professional companies prepared to develop, build and strengthen their understanding in the region.


* The Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing is split into different modules, integrated consequently by various subjects appropriate towards the forces that desire to the participant.

* Traverse program modules helps make the participant acquires, a progressive, understanding and skills needed to become professional expert in the region: MA.

* The Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing of is configured, undoubtedly, probably the most comprehensive available on the market.


* Capability to evaluate and interpret the fundamental concepts of operating environments and markets.

* Ability of pose and execute a researching the market and resources essential for seem decision-making.

* Capability to discover the various techniques of information analysis. Understanding how to properly select the best research method to each situation filed. Be aware of parameters for evaluating the validity of the source and excellence of research.

* Ability of perform diagnostic targets and action plans according thereof.

* Capability to understand and manage the fundamentals of promoting and marketing processes and business structure.

* Ability of approach and develop appropriate ways of achieve goals while business planning and marketing.

* Capability to read the processes of clients and relationship marketing management and growth and development of specific techniques.

* Capability to organize and integrate the important thing functions which make the business of the organization.

* Capability to propose and bear out settlement processes.

* Capability to recognize and integrate areas of corporate organization creating the development and working together.

* Capability to structure, configuration and control over the business’s commercial organization.

* Capability to develop strategies and control over personal communication and media.

* Capability to select and adapt tips and techniques in a variety of functional regions of business and atmosphere and market conditions.

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