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Read the official article from the developers: How to check Tower of Fantasy combos

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In Tower of Fantasy, you can just press keys to deal enough damage, but every weapon type includes a combo tree with, on average, six different combinations. You might be able to get away with mashing depending on the weapon you’re using, but in higher-tier stuff, you’ll want to maximize not only how you use your abilities but also your capacity to string combos together for maximum damage. Knowing the combos is the first step in that direction, so you can get a list of them here.

Location of the combo list in Tower of Fantasy

For such a crucial aspect of battle, the combo list is pretty well disguised. You must first open the Survival Guide by clicking the exclamation point button underneath the minimap in order to get to it.

When you are in the Survival Guide, scroll all the way to the bottom of the left-hand menu to find the Weapon Skill submenu. To view the combination list for each weapon type in the game, click on it.

It should be noted that every weapon has the same basic moveset, regardless of rarity. The element and enhancement power of bows, spears, staves, and other weapon groups with weapons of various rarities will be the only meaningful differences between them.

The same guidelines apply to learning a new weapon as they do to acquiring any other new ability. It will be best to fully equip it and upgrade it before using it against low-level foes in the overworld to get a sense for how it performs. Try the fundamental combos, then look for ways that other moves might link into them to determine the best setup. The harder the stuff you should try until you reach your skill limit increases as you get more adept at using a combo string. Once you reach that plateau and are making progress once more, increase the difficulty of your challenge.