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Red Nucleus is an item that gives increased damage, movement speed, and more

If you want the item, you must be quick to take advantage of our limited time offer.



Red Nuclei are used in event-specific gacha pulls in Tower of Fantasy, while Gold and Black Nuclei are used for permanent rewards. In most cases, players will have their first chance to obtain Red Nuclei and use them to roll for the Venus SSR weapon and its associated Nemesis Simulacrum, as well as other SSR and lower-rarity Weapons, during the launch event, Rebirth of Clemency. Red Nuclei, as the currency for time-sensitive, “fear of missing out” content, are also more scarce than Gold or Black Nuclei. Obtaining Red Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy can be done as follows.

The Rebirth of Clemency Page is where you can buy them for Dark Crystals.

During the Rebirth of Clemency event, you can purchase a single Red Nucleus for 150 Dark Crystal or ten of them for 1,500 Dark Crystal by clicking the “Order x1” or “Order x10” buttons located at the bottom right of the page. Instead of adding the Nuclei to your inventory, doing so will immediately start a Gacha pull. If you’re buying Red Nuclei with in-game currency, don’t count on stockpiling them.

Obtainable in both Everyday Use Boxes and Time-Restricted Gift Sets.

Other than purchasing Tanium with real money, the only other way to acquire Red Nuclei is by purchasing Daily Supply boxes or Limited Time Gift Packs, both of which contain anywhere from one to several Red Nuclei. You can get 13 Red Nuclei and other resources in a Limited Time pack that costs 1,680, or about $25 worth of Tanium. If you’re interested in spending money on Red Nuclei, you should check back often to see if it turns up in a future Daily Supply Box selection.