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Regents of Michigan residents raise $100,000 dollars to keep their library open

Western Michigan residents donated money to help the local library to stay open after it decreased its budget due to the display of LGBT literature.



When a library in western Michigan lost most of its funding because it exhibited LGBT literature, the community rallied to save it, giving the library a fighting chance.

The Patmos Library in Jamestown Township, Michigan, was defunded by voters on the grounds that it was grooming children by promoting LGBT books; in response, locals have raised nearly $100,000 to rebuild the library. Voters last week approved a measure on the primary ballot that would have cut the library’s annual budget by 84%.

A town in Michigan has cut library funding due to its collection of LGBT literature.

A number of locals, fearing the library might have to close without their support, have started an online fundraising campaign to make up the difference.

The Patmos Library serves as an integral part of Jamestown’s social fabric. I don’t think most people here share my views or want to stop supporting our local library,” the online campaign read. “Funds raised here will be donated to the Patmos Library so that we can keep it open long enough to consolidate community support for our library millage.”

Within a week of the initiative’s passage, the group had collected $92,490 from 1,900 people, with some donors contributing as much as $5,000 to keep the library operational.

Jamestown Conservatives led the charge to defund the library because they were offended by the library’s selection of LGBT books like Gender Queer: A Memoir. Last week’s primary ballot included a proposition asking voters whether they favored continuing tax funding for the library.

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Following initial complaints from Jamestown Township parents in November, a small number of the flagged titles were temporarily hidden from view behind the library’s circulation desk at Patmos. While the compromise was an attempt to appease both sides, voters ultimately rejected the proposal to refund the library and cut the budget by about $245,000.

The defunding of Patmos Library is just one example of a larger movement by parent groups to prevent public libraries from providing LGBT materials. Due to the widespread support for the movement, the American Library Association issued a warning about a “dramatic uptick in book challenges and outright removal of books from libraries.”

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Cami Mondeaux, the original author

After a library in Michigan lost funding because of LGBT books, locals there have raised nearly $100,000 to restore it.