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Sabatinis release Jaleel Johnson and sign Brian Allen

The Saints announced that they signed a defensive back, Brian Allen, on Thursday. They also revealed the signings of another player, KJ Costello, and Jack Koerner. The Saints selected Allen in the fi



On Thursday, the Saints revealed a number of roster changes, including a new defensive back for the team.

Brian Allen, formerly of the opposing team’s offense, has signed on as a defensive back. KJ Costello, a quarterback, and Jack Koerner, a defensive back, have both been reported to have signed with the Saints.

After being selected by the Steelers in the fifth round in 2017, Allen played in 16 games for the team before spending his third NFL season on waivers. He later appeared in three games for the Browns in 2018, and one game for the 49ers in 2020.

Allen’s career total for tackles is 6.

Both defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson and running back Malcolm Brown were waived by the Saints to make room for the newcomers. Bryce Thompson, a defensive back, was released from the team due to an injury.

On Wednesday, word spread of Brown’s release. Johnson, who spent the previous five years with the Vikings and the Texans before signing with the Saints in April, has played in 65 games.

Free agent Brian Allen signs with Saints. Pro Football Talk was where we first heard from Jaleel Johnson.