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Sage uses his Barrier Orb to confuse and annoy the opposing team

Barrier Orb is tough to stop in Valorant’s post-plant meta, but the damage isn’t so powerful either. Sure, those bars refill quickly, thanks to her post-plant meta utility. By using it with Kay/O or



Even though Sage doesn’t have any lethal utility to aid her in Valorant’s post-plant meta, her Barrier Orb is still quite potent.

Agents with top-tier kits, such as Viper, Brimstone, and Kay/O, are frequently chosen for incendiaries by lower-ranked players. In Valorant’s post-plant meta, these agents have enormous success. When compared to aggressive and challenging duels, Molotovs flying in can easily win the round. Sage has been added to the list of post-plant agents, which is surprising. The sentinel uses her skills to simply delay the defuse rather than taking injury.

It is preferable for attackers to run out the clock in close-quarters one-on-one encounters than than engage in conflict. Players try to play nonstop since duels reduce winning chances. Effective time-wasting can be challenging, especially if the opposition has accurate weapons. Defenders can be helped by this Sage wall on Fracture to keep them away from the Spike.

How to use Sage to protect the Spike

Sage can use her Barrier Orb, which forms a wall for 20 seconds, to protect the Spike on Fracture. The Spike can be locked behind the wall, giving you plenty of time to plan. Better than a typical wall on Fracture is this specific Sage lineup.

A player just posted an intriguing Sage wall lineup that is incredibly effective in pistol or eco rounds. Instead of simply one block, enemies must take down the entire wall in order to get the Spike. This quality elevates the lineup, making opponents struggle to defuse it. Place the Spike near the box on top of the rafter for this lineup. As seen in the video, take a step back and aim your crosshair at the ground.

Put the Barrier Orb down and run for cover. Enemies will initially have difficulty locating the Spike and take a little longer to get there. If they have pistols, breaking the wall will provide a whole new set of difficulties once they are on top. The opponents will need to destroy the entire Barrier with a few shots in order to reach the Spike. The increased processes will take a lot of time to complete and will ultimately result in your victory.

Although the configuration is very practical, there are some drawbacks. First, if you don’t have a suitable backup, planting the Spike on top can be challenging. If you try to install the Spike on rafters, you might die. Second, complete buy rounds could not benefit as much from it. It might end up being readily broken from a distance by enemies. Even so, it’s among the better methods for shielding the Spike on Fracture with Sage.

With this Barrier Orb play, Sage may drive the opposition crazy, according to