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The Phillies had a great game, but their good performance was not enough to outdo the Phillies.



second game. When conditions were favorable, the teams played at a brisk clip. The first match went for 2 hours, 11 minutes, while the second lasted 2 hours, 7 minutes. Due to the weather, the ordeal didn’t conclude until 3:23 a.m.

From the Archives: Aug. 10, 1970

The NFL has played in London since 1986, and this season alone there will be five international games (three in London, one each in Munich and Mexico City). A sold-out Wembley Stadium was the setting for a preseason game between the Bears and Cowboys, and SI photographer Rick Telander was there to capture the action. He said that the NFL was putting its full marketing might behind promoting the game in a foreign country for the first time:

While the NFL has held exhibition games in other countries before (Japan in 1975, Mexico City in 1978, and London in 1983), none have been as widely publicized or carried the same optimistic possibilities as the 1986 extravaganza. Foreign broadcasting rights? Market research? Is there a European expansion? The NFL has a green thumb, and the seeds of opportunity are all around them.

A great photo of five Bears players with a bunch of neon-haired punks is featured prominently in Telander’s story, but he ultimately concludes that the experiment was a success and that more games will be played across the pond. Correctness personified; he nailed it.

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