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Selena Gomez shared a technique to contour on TikTok

When summer comes to a close, people need a glam tutorial on how to get ready for fall.



It often appears that Selena Gomez has more knowledge than I do when it comes to applying makeup. The beauty mogul always has a new trick up her sleeve, whether it’s a must-have product from the drug store, a clever mascara trick for lower lashes, or the latest product from Rare Beauty. Fortunately, she’s generous enough to share. The latest piece of information Selena is spilling is a straightforward contour hack.

In her latest Tiktok video, Selena showed off her skill by recreating a simple makeup look for the everyday. Selena always begins by applying a Rare Beauty primer and concealer, focusing on the areas around her eyes, nose, and jawline. Finally, she used the Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Shape & Fill Duo to define and fill in her brows.

Next, Selena pulls out a bronzer stick to demonstrate how she achieves her signature contour. She dabbles it along her brow and under her cheekbones. She blends only the bronzer in upward strokes before continuing to blend the rest of her makeup.

After she’s done contouring her face, she goes back in with the bronzer stick to define the outer corners of her eyes. Then, with nary a word spoken, she pointedly demonstrated the intricacies of this now-potentially-viral contour hack. That’s how straightforward it is.

A touch of Rare Beauty’s trending blush, highlighter, and setting powder was the finishing touch. To finish off her makeup, Selena applied a coat of Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm. It ended up being a subtle glam style that works perfectly for late summer and early fall. Over a million people have liked the video, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be trying out this style and, more importantly, this hack. In closing, I’d like to extend my gratitude once more to Selena Gomez.

This article first appeared in Teen Vogue.