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She-Hulk reveals what has transpired when Matt and Jones team up

A new teasers for Daredevil hints that She-Hulk will be making a much anticipated return to our screens.



This week, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law crashed onto Disney+. The introduction of Jennifer Walters and her alter ego She-Hulk into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was established in the premiere episode. Many of the exciting cameos we can expect to see in this fourth-wall breaking series have been hinted at in the trailers so far, with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil being among the most anticipated. Now, thanks to a brand new teaser, we get to see even more of the upcoming She-Hulk and Daredevil team-up.

The 11-second teaser based on She-superhero Hulk’s name isn’t long enough to provide a comprehensive look at the new material. Nonetheless, we do get one brand new shot of our titular heroine and Daredevil standing side by side in what appears to be a derelict building. This is the best look we have gotten of these two legendary heroes in their costumes, but there is no context for the scene and Daredevil’s face is cleverly covered up by the title card. Daredevil’s new Netflix costume retains the character’s signature yellow and red color scheme, while She-Hulk is dressed in a purple and white jumpsuit based on her appearance in the comics. Daredevil’s presence in the show is exciting, even if we have no idea what crime they’re trying to solve or in what episode(s) he’ll be seen. Particularly considering that many viewers fell in love with Cox’s portrayal of the character the moment his Netflix series premiered in 2015.

That these heroes are also lawyers only adds to the intrigue of their joining forces. That will give them lots of chances to get to know one another and compare notes. Moreover, the tone of this show is very different from Netflix’s extremely dark Daredevil episodes. After establishing She-backstory, Hulk’s the rest of the show will take on the tone of a legal procedural comedy. Because of this, it promises to be fascinating to observe how the writers adjust Daredevil to fit the new setting. Daredevil’s first official Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance, albeit brief, in Spider-Man: No Way Home provided plenty of laughs, so Cox is more than capable of playing a more comedic version of the character.

The inclusion of this street-level hero in She-Hulk is a hint at the exciting things to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Daredevil. Afterwards, he will make an appearance in Echo alongside Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, before he gets a brand new series on Disney+ aptly titled Daredevil: Born again. You can check out the new Daredevil teaser for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law down below while we wait for his big debut. Season one of She-Hulk is also available for streaming on Disney+. Every Thursday for the next eight weeks, new episodes will be released.