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Tesla’s all-electric luxury sedan, the Acura ZDX, is coming back in 2019!

Acura will return as a full EV in 2024 with help from GM.



Formerly a gas-powered crossover, Acura is bringing back the ZDX as the company’s first all-electric vehicle. A mulligan on Acura’s last decade, if you will.

Consider if Acura had released an all-electric version of the ZDX the first time around. The prototype for the Tesla Model S had only recently been unveiled, and the Nissan Leaf wasn’t released to the public until 2010. What a trailblazer Acura could have been, indeed!

Unfortunately, neither Honda nor Acura had much going on in the pure EV space at the turn of the century, when the company discontinued its all-electric hatchback, the EV Plus.

Acura has already declared that the new ZDX is the “leading edge of American Honda’s electrification and digitalization.”

From where is this sudden surge of electricity emanating? You see, it’s not just Honda. The “highly flexible global EV platform powered by Ultium batteries,” as Acura puts it, will be used in the development of this, the company’s first product in collaboration with GM. To be clear, Honda did not work on this project alone; rather, it is a joint effort with General Motors. Acura’s press release states that we must wait until 2026 for Honda’s e:Architecture to achieve this. The new ZDX is a very American Honda product.

Acura has not released any images of the vehicle, only stating that it has been designed in the United States (like the original ZDX) and will come in a Type S trim.