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The basics of stats as they work in Tower of Fantasy

There are many attributes of the product to keep track of.



Players of Tower of Fantasy would do well to familiarize themselves with all the game’s fundamental stats and attributes if they want to make the most of their characters. It’s possible that a lot of people already know how to look at and interpret these numbers. We’ve compiled all the relevant game statistics for your perusal.

Every rudimentary statistic pertaining to Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy features 15 different primary statistics. Increasing these characteristics in various ways will make your character more powerful.

Your character’s total HP is displayed here. Higher health points allow for longer periods of time.

Your endurance rating reflects your playing strength.

There is a stamina meter next to your character that depletes as you swim, climb, or sprint. Endurance, once depleted, can be restored over time with the help of the Endurance Regen ability.

Crit is the sum of your Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage. As a result, raising Crit will also improve your Str and Con.

Raising your character’s Crit Rate percentage will increase their chance of scoring a Critical hit.

This is the additional harm you inflict when you score a critical hit.

The harm you inflict with a physical attack or weapon.

A person’s Flame Attack is the amount of harm inflicted by their Flame weapon.

Attack Frost is the amount of damage done with a Frost weapon.

The damage done with a volt weapon.

Your hero’s capacity to absorb and then reapply physical damage.

How much of a flame’s damage your character can resist.

The percentage of Frost damage that your character can absorb before taking damage.

Flame resistance is equal to your character’s Volt resistance minus their total health.

That portion of your character’s Altered damage that is negated by your character’s Resistance.

As your character gains levels, their base abilities will increase as well. There are, however, consumables like the Mighty Mushroom that can be used to quickly increase stats. It doesn’t matter, though, because the numbers will rise naturally as you play.