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The best picnic salad from every state

These 50 regional picnic recipes from across the country showcase the best ingredients from each state. These are great options for summer potlucks or picnics in general.



Even if you’re not from the deep South, you’ll undoubtedly find solace in their comfort foods, like this traditional potato salad made in the region. Cooked potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, green onions, and sweet pickles are combined with a quick, three-ingredient vinaigrette in this straightforward recipe.

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The Old Dominion State is proud of its reputation as a producer of cured country ham, which is the ideal complement to a breakfast meal of eggs, biscuits and gravy, and yes, salad. This salad tastes great on sandwiches, crackers, or lettuce and has salty, smoky ham, celery, green onions, and toasted nuts.

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This recipe combines several Pacific Northwest native foods, including fresh salmon, blueberries, and hazelnuts, into one delectable dish. If you don’t want to make this salad for a picnic or party, the salmon and sour cream dressing make a delicious sandwich. Bring this salad along to your next picnic in the woods so you may enjoy it while taking in West Virginia’s famed natural beauty. Both potato and egg salads—both favorites for picnics—are outstanding when combined with a lot of fresh dill. The perfect picnic salad for your upcoming trek may be made with this recipe, which combines the best of both worlds. This picnic salad is a perfect example of how Wisconsin should be represented in a recipe—it needs to be cheese-heavy! A full cup of shredded cheese, preferably Wisconsin cheese, is the star of the show despite the presence of veggies like peas, lettuce, and parsley. Wyoming is cowboy country, a sizable region of the Wild West famous for its cattle-raising industry. Beef must be a component of any picnic salad from the Cowboy State, and in this dish, thinly sliced sirloin is stir-fried with Asian-inspired tastes like garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.

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